Little About Us


To empower and transform the fashion industry by considering sustainability.


An era where clothing and fashion do not flourish at the cost of our planet Earth.

Nurture Blooms’ birth

Seeking out for sustainably unique fashion? Nurture Blooms has got your back. Nurture Blooms aims for Sustainable production so as to benefit our planet and people, as there is no planet B. We, Atul Verma and Akash Luthra, founders of Nurture Blooms, have been shopaholic and always struggled to look out for clothes which are fashionable yet sustainable. There we came up with an idea of starting our own clothing chain and thereby began our journey back in 2019. At the onset, our friends and colleagues didn’t have much faith in setting up this business, as the buyers don’t care much about paying more for the sake of sustainability. Moreover, as a start-up finding factories and material suppliers who were willing to go extra miles as per our requirements and standards was also demanding. We take pride in our production and achievements so far. However, it’s just the beginning and there are many more milestones to achieve, but we take every new day as a new learning opportunity. We strongly believe that as a brand we are accountable to make the most responsible choices.


Production Process 

We wanted to minimize the role of the middleman and concentrate entirely on production which is ethical and sustainable and that’s how our brand commenced majorly online. We commit to provide our consumers with top-notch quality products along with a great sense of satisfaction for wearing clothes which are not produced at the cost of harming the planet. We strive to yield the best quality output; therefore, we get our raw product, that is organic cotton, back from farms in India. Our consumers must take pride in the matter of fact that they are getting the best cotton product. Interestingly, the first evidences of use of cotton were found in India and Pakistan around 6.000 B.C. In the Indus delta, scientists assume that cotton was first cultivated.

Furthermore, we keep a close eye on our designing, which is done under the supervision of our esteemed team leader, Akash Luthra, who is currently based in Chicago, USA. Thereafter, our manufacture process is taken care of in India, availing us with the best raw product and manpower, precise craftmanship, creativity and absolute dedication, acknowledging the fact that ‘Fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth (Environmental Audit Company).’

Our Accomplishments 

90% of the fibre we use are organic, recycled, or regenerated.


We use buttons for all our clothing lines made out of coconut shells, in contrast to the traditional plastic buttons.


 Our packaging bags are made out of recyclable products.


Our product tags can be reused in the form of bookmarks. You can even colour them. Isn’t it intriguing!


It’s just not adequate to carry our operations sustainably. We have committed to plant a tree with every sale we make.


We have taken this small initiative to release only e-receipts, in order to save paper and ultimately save trees.


We use e-commerce to expand our business, which uses about 30% less energy that traditional practices of retail business.


“ The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it ” -Robert Swan