Textile industry produces 1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas every year. According to United nations, fashion industry contributes to 10 percent of total global emissions. You would be surprised to know that problems growing in landfills and waterways come from your own closet. Due to the growing demands and consumption, there is a huge shift towards mass manufacturing of cheap clothing, which results in pollution. The repercussions go way beyond emissions. Dyes produce toxic chemicals polluting waterways, making fabric uses humongous quantity of water, energy and chemicals, washing machines shed plastic microbes and many more. Now the question arises that how to deal with it! In order to answer that, we must understand first that all these problems arise due to mass productions and consumption. As clothes become cheaper-not to forget cheaper in quality as well – consumers don’t really care about the huge consumptions. This becomes a vicious circle of consumption and production, ultimately harming our environment. We at Nurture Blooms put sustainability at the center of all our activities. It is a growing concern for all of us as responsible citizens. We strive to move towards greater ecological integrity and egalitarianism in the fashion industry by catering 3Ps- Product, People and Planet. We work towards making high quality products, functioning parallelly with fair work practices and respectful working environment for our employees. We are dedicated to providing more thoughtful options to our consumers, as sustainability is the way to the future. Being conscious of our planet and consumers, we carry our operations completely in an environmentally safe manner, along with safe and healthy working conditions. We strongly agree with the notion that the power to shape this planet lies in the hands of the consumers by making correct choices about what they buy. Let’s all join our hands to make Earth a better place to live for our future generations!

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